Facing Challenges

Muslim Teens Fight Back Against Bullying

Bullying is a nationwide problem, but many school officials say it has become especially severe for Muslim students in the 10 years since 9/11.

Growing Up Muslim

Canadian teenagers who are devoted members of their Muslim faith are on the front lines of unpredictable change in this multicultural country, blending their families’ 1,400-year-old religion with West Coast popular culture, with secular lifestyle possibilities they often find fun, but sometimes trivial and distasteful.

Where Do I Belong? The Dilemma of a Mixed-Race Muslim

I am a mixed race Muslim, which sounds simple in itself, but I can often find myself thinking, ‘Where do I really belong?’ I am Libyan on my father’s side, and English on my mother’s side. Oh, how much easier it must be to just be one race! You know right away where you belong…

Being a Muslim Teen in the UK

I myself have had a few bad experiences on the streets where I live. There are a lot of trouble-making youngsters who are often racist, ignorant and badly educated. I have been called plenty of names, sworn at, and even had my hijab partly pulled off my head.

Dumbfounded By Death

I’m dumbfounded by death. It’s like I don’t even know what it is. I think it’s just like the level up, or the next phase. Maybe it’s like waking up. It’s like the waiting room to get to your ultimate destination; you’ve already traveled the path, and now you’re just waiting to get in.

How to Change Society in One Day

After I prayed I remembered the question the man had asked me. I began to consider, just for argument’s sake, that it was possible for just one person to change society, even in this day and age, and even in one day. What could one person do to change society in one day, and that day being today?

Practicing Islam in America

People say that you should move to a Muslim country as soon as you can, because this country (America) is bad for Muslims, but if all you have ever known is Queens, New York, then what are you supposed to do? I was born in Queens and I love this country.

How I Began Wearing Hijaab

I felt people watching me even before I stepped out door. I knew Muslim women wear hijaab not only to be modest but also to be recognized as Muslim women. I definitely felt recognized. After going to several shopping centers, we went to another baby store. There was hardly anyone there, but I still felt self-conscious. I went and looked at some clothes by myself and I turned around just in time to see an elderly lady glaring at me. “What is her problem?” I thought to myself.