Growing Up

Effective advice for Muslim teens

Muslim teens, compared to most other teens, are facing some of their greatest challenges in modern times. They should use these to fortify their foundations through greater study of their religion and the principles it upholds.

Modern times have brought with them new horizons and opportunities that were not that readily available a decade ago. For teens, this means that learning a new subject or improving knowledge of an existing one has never been easier. The Quran stresses the importance of educating oneself.

Growing Up in America: Indiana Muslim girls discuss their lives and aspirations

Muslim girls growing up in America, like Serene, may face unique challenges in keeping their social life in rhythm with their religious standards, but some local Muslim girls say their lifestyles are more similar to their non-Muslim American counterparts than many people think.

In the wake of a recent Pew Research Center Study that shows Muslim Americans are largely “assimilated” and “happy with their lives,” five Muslim girls living in South Bend reveal they are no exception.

Growing Up Muslim

Canadian teenagers who are devoted members of their Muslim faith are on the front lines of unpredictable change in this multicultural country, blending their families’ 1,400-year-old religion with West Coast popular culture, with secular lifestyle possibilities they often find fun, but sometimes trivial and distasteful.

Limbo: the Teenage Years

I turned eighteen last month. Officially and legally now I am an adult. In reality I am no different from what I was the month before, and I doubt that there will be very much change in me in a month from now. I think it must be a cultural thing that I don’t see a difference in myself. I have been conditioned to become an adult slowly and I’m still in limbo.

Class of 2003

When I enrolled in college, I had been homeschooled for a year and half and I felt I had earned my place in college… In college I learned to deal with people who were rude or mean and people who were so annoying they made me want to cry. I dealt with bad lab partners and unfair teachers and people who would try to make things particularly easy for me because of how I looked.

Teenagers and Marriage: Not a Lethal Combination

As I start to get older and begin to experience adulthood, I don’t think any aspect of growing up has hit me so hard as the concept of marriage. Not only marriage, but marriage and me. The first time someone I considered to be one of my peers told me that she was getting married, I couldn’t believe it. No one our age ever got married. We weren’t at the age where it’s normal to get married and I wondered why anyone our age would want to do so anyway. And then suddenly I realized that we were at that age.

How I Began Wearing Hijaab

I felt people watching me even before I stepped out door. I knew Muslim women wear hijaab not only to be modest but also to be recognized as Muslim women. I definitely felt recognized. After going to several shopping centers, we went to another baby store. There was hardly anyone there, but I still felt self-conscious. I went and looked at some clothes by myself and I turned around just in time to see an elderly lady glaring at me. “What is her problem?” I thought to myself.