Effective advice for Muslim teens

By wael | August 11, 2010
The author Shaheen Darr

The author

by Shaheen Darr
Reprinted from Helium.com

Muslim teens, compared to most other teens, are facing some of their greatest challenges in modern times. They should use these to fortify their foundations through greater study of their religion and the principles it upholds.


Modern times have brought with them new horizons and opportunities that were not that readily available a decade ago. For teens, this means that learning a new subject or improving knowledge of an existing one has never been easier. The Quran stresses the importance of educating oneself because through knowledge you can improve yourselves and others and learn to cope better in the world in which you exist. An advantage most teenagers have these days is instant global communication via the Internet. This has made information readily available to them wherever they are in the world and opportunities to better themselves in all areas of their lives.

Education in secular matters goes hand in hand with studying Islam. It is imperative to understand the historical background in which the Quran was revealed and therefore the significance of its verses in their relevant context. This understanding is very important for modern teens who are sometimes misled by biased and prejudiced adults ready to exploit their impressionable minds to their advantage and to the detriment of other human beings.


Some modern teens have to cope with prejudice and hatred because of the fear that Islam invokes caused by the ignorant actions of some misguided individuals. This is an unfortunate state of affairs but as actions speak louder than words, it is better for most Muslim teens to concentrate on their education and careers and present themselves well in whatever they do. Islam should be used to guide their actions and behaviour in the best way possible towards other people as the basic greeting of Islam so aptly puts it, “As salaam O Alaikum” which means peace be to you.

Health and Peer Pressure

Looking after your health is a priority at any age and this includes Muslim teenagers. Islam frowns on intoxicants and this provides a natural deterrent for teenagers not to indulge in substances that will harm them and others. Drinking excessively and being out until the early hours of the morning can take toll on a person’s health and both the body and the mind suffer as a result. It is sometimes easier to become part of a crowd of youngsters just to be accepted, but taking a stand and not partaking in disruptive behaviour shows maturity and strength of character.

Relationships with the opposite sex are a natural part of growing up for any teenager and it is no different for a Muslim teen. He has to realise, though, that there has to be responsibility in his actions, as they will affect another human being. Having sex with different individuals without thinking of the consequences can place them both in difficult situations. This is where control and accountability of actions comes in and as this is one important aspects of Islam, a Muslim teen should adhere to respecting himself and avoid extra marital sexual relations.


Being part of a loving and caring family is a definite plus point for all teenagers because with a strong foundation, strong roots are formed. When you have good bonds with siblings and parents you feel part of a group where you belong and that cares for your well being. It is important for Muslim teens to take time to understand the family unit and its members and participate in their affairs to keep their links strong. This means understanding customs and taking part in cultural events to learn more about the family roots and background. It is having a strong family backing that a teenager can build himself into a proactive, mature and educated member of his community.

About the Author:
Shaheen Darr has been writing for Helium for nearly two years and is the sub steward for the Office and Small & Home business channel.
She was born in Kenya where she obtained her BA Hons degree in Economics. She has extensive retail experience acquired from working in the family book business in Kenya and then running a retail business in the UK for several years. She has also studied accounting and is currently self employed.
According to Shaheen, writing short stories and poetry appeals to her creative side, and she has also tried her hand at writing articles on a variety of different subjects, including spirituality, and health.
In December 2008, she won the Pulitzer citizens award for an article she wrote about US responsibility towards the Iraqi refugee crisis. Issues of world poverty, water conservation and the plight of women and children in some parts of the world are some areas she would like to highlight to awaken awareness and make a difference, no matter how small.
Shaheen says of Helium “It is a wonderful, life changing experience where I am learning all the time…lets see where this new journey takes me!

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