Quitting Weed

By wael | November 30, 2014

Marijuana joint

By Ibragim Israilov for TeenPerspectives.com

As-salaam alaykum, brothers and sisters I want to share with you my story about my weed addiction and how it started, this is especially for my brothers who think weed is (OK).

Before we start I want to say forgive me about my bad English as its not my first or second language anyways I try my best insh’allah.

So this begins with when I started to try those bad things out. I was 16, I was unsure about weed was haram/bad sin because I read so many good things about weed and when I read these articles on the internet I wasn’t able to find any bad things about weed, because these articles I read about was the people who was addicted to this weed. Those people who are addicted to weed and (like it) don’t have any problem at all to find weed bad as I did.

So this started when I for first time got invited to party of my “friend” I never enjoyed to go out for party because I simply didn’t drink alcohol like all my “friends” did, because alcohol is Haram right?. So I found this 2 “friends” and got good connection with them as the time was passing away, and these 2 guys who was my “friends” now was Invited to the same guy (These 2 used to smoke weed daily), I was Invited as.

So the party day came and these 2 “friends” of mine asked me if I wanted to join them to this party. I was unsure and said to them I didn’t drink alcohol because I was Muslim. They said it was okay and I didn’t need to drink if I don’t wanted to drink alcohol, so I said to them okay I can join you just to have a look.

So we took a bus to this guy who had this party and my cousin was with me as well. We reached where the party was and we went off the bus (we walked at least 15 minutes after we got off the bus). So when we walked these 15 minutes they took up this “weed joint” (its cigarettes but instead of tobacco its weed inside in this cigarette) and lighted this joint up and started to smoke it. Because I didn’t know if weed was haram or not I asked them to let me try because I wasn’t going to drink alcohol I knew it was haram, my cousin said to me don’t try it but i didn’t listened to him (He smoked as well when I did, I feel sorry for him til this day because he smokes still he say hes gonna quit insh’allah may Allah (swt) help him).

So we shared this “joint” and after 5 minutes I felt mood swings. It was little scary at first and I was far away from reality. I started to cry because I felt scared and my cousin said to me it was okay and nothing going to happen to me and I relaxed and after 10 minutes of walking we reached to this guy who had this party and we stayed there for 1 hour and in that time many things begin to happen. I wanted to fight everybody and felt strong/good/happy then after 20 minutes I began to cry suddenly out of nothing, and when I got comfort of my cousin I was relaxed again and happy. So after this 1 hour we decided to return home to one of these guy I was with and none of us 4 was high after we got home to him.

Quit smoking weed.

So after we got home to this guy these guys started to roll other one big joint and I was so stupid that I wanted that weed experiences again and smoked it (this time I was faaar away from reality) after we were done smoking the joint we went inside and I sat down on the chair, the time slowed down in reality at least x15. This time I was really scared my heart was beating like x10 faster then normal I thought my heart was going to fall out really and thought I was going to die. So I fell asleep or “passed out” that’s what they call it.

So after I passed out and felt asleep I begin to hear a song I used to listened to, its called (Vinnie paz end of days) and I saw Barack Obama speaking to this (Group of people it was many people they stood in front of him) and the song was playing in the background and I really saw Barack Obama I was so scared that while I was passed out I begin to seek refuge to Allah (swt). Subh’allah I thought that I was dead and I never going to come back, I thought I was done at this time.

And I begin to hear my cousin voice in my head while I was asleep I (passed out) while all of this going in my head. When I heard my cousin voice I tried to tell him to tell my mom and dad I love them and tell them to forgive all the bad things I done to them subh’allah. Then I hear the voice of my cousin again and I can hear he is scared because I was asleep and he didn’t know what was happening to me in my head while I sat on the chair, So I hear the voice of my cousin he says to these 2 guys we was with “Is Ibraheem (me) okay?” They tell him I have just passed out

I could tell from the voice of my cousin he was worried. He tried to wake me up and slapped my face carefully and I couldn’t wake up from this “dream” but I could feel him touching my face. He opened my eyes with his hands and I jumped off the chair and starting to hug my cousin and crying. I tried to tell him what I saw but I could not and these 2 other guys were shocked and said I have to relax. When these 2 were talking to me I didn’t want to listen because they were disbelievers. The only thing I said was “go away from me”. I yelled at them and I was crying when these 2 guys tried to relax me and I thought that I was back from dead and Allah (swt) gave me a other chance. But still I wasn’t sure if I was alive and the whole night the only thing I said was “la ilaha illallah” and told my cousin to say the same with me if he wanted me to relax subh’allah.

After that I became addicted to weed. I used to smoke weed 2 years after this I never felt happy from it. I lost a lot of money to this bad habit I used to have. I had a very bad experience one time while I was high also this was waswaas (may Allah (swt) protect us from shaytan and evil) with a friend. I heard hes voice in my head without really he didn’t said anything and I suddenly started to cry of what I heard. Again (may Allah (swt) protect us from evil). That person is not my friend anymore.

How I stopped was simple –  I just decided to quit. Really I didn’t like to smoke weed later on because I felt I always needed more then just weed. I never felt this happiness.

There was something more I wanted in my life which was a connection with Allah (swt). I wanted to stop this bad habit and return back to Allah (swt).

And now insh’allah I had no problem at all to quit after I returned back to Allah (swt). It is so easy if you ask deeply help from Allah, brothers and sisters. So yes weed is addictive and bad for health don’t lie to your self and Yes its haram! Please quit while you have chance and think about what you are going to say when you are in front of Allah (swt) May him forgive us all.


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